Travel around Blue Bay and Mahebourg

Travel Throughout Mauritius from Mahebourg

Mahebourg is a fantastic place to travel from being as is has a bus station with buses to all main destinations in Mauritius. The furthest and most expensive  bus journey to the North (at time of writing) will not cost more than 100MRU (about £2.00). Whilst they are not exactly National Express they do the job more than adequately, if a little warm but also are a fantastic way of seeing the Island. It’s easy enough to find. Go to the market in the centre of town, from there you will see the sea. Just head toward it and you can’t miss it! Failing that, just ask someone “Pour allez a la autobus?” (I have omitted the accent from the ‘a’ because that’s exactly how it comes out in my case). If you are as skilled in the art of French speaking as I you will be looked at as if you’ve just arrived from Mars. If you’re in luck, which you definitely will be as there are plenty of English speakers, once you revert to shouting and gesturing in English you will be told, in English better than your own.

Travel Locally  Around Mahebourg

The main point of Interest locally is Blue Bay. The buses run from Mahebourg bus station every half hour, on the half hour. They cost 24MRU and will stop close to anywhere you ring the buzzer before. In the same way they can be flagged down from any point along their route.


A taxi from Mahebourg to Blue Bay should cost 100MRU. However, similar to the bus service, taxis constantly fly back and forth from Blue Bay and Mahebourg so if you don’t mind sharing a taxi with some randoms then the charge is 25MRU per person. You may find this frugality appealing especially if you are a single traveller, in which case it  you can can go to the taxi rank on Labourdonnais Street, which won’t mean anything to you presently. Basically, either walk up the road from which the buses exit the bus station or the road with two adjacent petrol ‘stations’ and you’ll soon be swooped upon. Armed with the phrase ‘Taxi collective’ you will be greeted with a look of disappointment, now knowing that you are savvy to the local prices either be ushered into a taxi of randoms, invited to sit in one ’til some arrive or offered a sensible price to your destination.