Why Visit Mauritius, 3 reasons


Visit Mauritius because of the weather.

Our Weather

What better reason is there to visit Mauritius than the beautiful weather.  When you think of a holiday you may imagine clear blue skies, cool sea breezes, ice cold beer or refreshing cocktails. All these and much more are found in Mauritius.Mauritius benefits from a tropical climate the whole year round. There are only two seasons, summer and winter. Summer is from November to April when the average temperature varies between 25 degrees Celsius and 33 degrees Celsius along the Coast. In winter the average temperature varies from a very pleasant 18 C to  26 C . January and February are usually the hottest months. July and August the coolest months.  The rainy season is in summertime. The wettest months February and March. The driest month is October. For more details visit  Mauritius Meteorological Services


Why visit Mauritius, our beaches

Our Beaches

Mauritius has some of the finest beaches in the world, soft snow white sand facing a warm turquoise blue lagoon mostly protected by a coral reef. Some of the more popular beaches are at Pointe d’esny and Blue Bay,  Belle Mare.  Le Morne, Flic en Flac,  Grand Bay,  Tamarin, Choisy, Pointe aux Piments, Palmar and Trou d Eau Douce. Where ever you stay when you visit Mauritius you are never far away from the sea. IDEAL for sunbathing, picnics or taking part in all the water sport activities on offer. The perfect place to watch the Sunrise or Sunset or the moonrise, not to be missed on a cloudless night when there is a full moon.



Why visit Mauritius, Food

Our Food

When people talk about Mauritius they undoubtedly talk about the food The cuisine of Mauritius is as mixed as the cultures. There is a mix of Creole, Indian, European and Chinese cuisine.

Creole “rougaille” is one of the most popular dishes, quick and easy to cook. Fish, chicken, beef or sausages etc can be used and added to the tomatoes, onions, coriander, ginger, garlic, thyme and pepper. Other Creole dishes are “ fish or octopus vindaye” (vindaloo) which is another popular dish or “salted fish”

Indian cuisine obviously includes the exotic “curries” and  roti (bread), or the “biryanis”  the specialty of the Muslim population. Chicken kalya (chicken cooked with yoghurt and spiced with saffron) is something not to be missed.

European food, Steak houses with the sound of sizzling steaks and ribs can be found in the luxury hotels  as well as the local restaurants.

There are numerous Italian restaurants where you can get all the delicious  pastas  and sauces.

Not forgetting now you can get all the famous fast foods such as “Kentucky fried chicken”, “McDonalds”, and “Nandos”

If you love Chinese food you will not be disappointed with the choice you have.

From the very popular Mine frite (fried noodles) and fried rice, Bol renverse (upside down bowl) Sweet and Sour fish and fish ball soup.

Then there is the “Street food” dholl puris, gateaux piment (chili cakes) ,boulettes and samosas which you can get on just about any street corner.


Then there is the fruit,

Why visit Mauritius, our fruit

Our Fruit

Wow!!!! The taste of the fruit in Mauritius just can’t be compared.

From the exotic passion fruit, papayas, mangoes, pineapple, litchi and longane, Chinese guava, pamplemousse, avocado and coconuts.

When you visit Mauritius you can sample the freshly picked fruit and realize what you have been missing.