Mauritius History-from 10th century until the present day

The history of Mauritius

The first known visitors to the island of Mauritius is believed to be the Arabs way back in the 10th century.

Early Mauritius port

Early Mauritius

The Portuguese

The Portuguese are the first Europeans to have visited the island sometime at the beginning of the 16th century.

The Dutch

In 1598 the Dutch landed on the island at Grand port in the south east. Named “Mauritius” in honour of prince Maurits van Nassau. The last settlers leave Mauritius in 1710.

The French

The French landed in 1715 and renamed the island “Isle de France”. From this period on colonisation started and trade flourished. This lead to an increase to the slave trade, mainly from

Abolition of slavery monument

Abolition of slavery monument

Madagascar Mozambique.

The British

The British landed in the north and  conquered the island in 1810. They renamed the island “Mauritius” A few years later slavery was abolished. Laws, religion and

customs were allowed to remain.


In 1968 independence was proclaimed. In March 1992 Mauritius changed its status to a “Republic”


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