Property in Mauritius-guide to buying

One of the questions we often get asked by visitors here at “Jonash Apartment” is:-


Wow !! I would love to live here, can I buy a property here by the sea, How much does it cost, etc.

Now we can answer Yes, Yes, Yes, but, there is always a “but” and the big but is of course money.

The Government has launched two schemes, IRS and RES, and to qualify for residency the purchase price must be at least $500,000 which gives the right for the owner and family to live in Mauritius as long as they own the property, Children of 24 years or more are not included.

IRS schemes

IRS schemes are usually large developments of luxury villas and apartments of international standards with gated security, well planted gardens, and usually Sports facilities, shopping malls, restaurants and health centres etc

Each property can be no larger than 1.25 arpents which is 5276 square metres.

Villas are usually priced above $2m and apartments $1m.

RES schemes

RES schemes are usually smaller developments on freehold land no larger than 10 hectares.

One of the biggest drawbacks for foreigners is developments must be at least 100m from the sea. Again, land no larger than 1.25 arpents or 5276sq m.

Properties are more likely to be villas or apartments with again the gated security, gardens sports and shopping malls etc.

There is no minimum price for the properties but expect to pay from $500,000.

For more information on legal fees etc check out the following links.

Also, below is the link to various IRS and RES properties for sale

Resale Villa : Villa Valriche property in Mauritius for sale

Villa Valriche


Good luck !!!!