Stand up Paddle

Stand up paddle the surf

Stand up paddle the surf


Stand Up Paddle

MAURITIUS STAND UP PADDLE CHALLENGE 2nd edition, 2-8 December 2013.

The Mauritius stand up paddle has started in Mauritius at the  Lux* Belle Mare hotel. The actual competition is on the weekend of 7th and 8th Dec although from the 2nd to the 6th Dec there will be “Stand up Paddle race  clinics” and from 9th to 10th Dec another clinic for local riders.

There will be entertainment and activities laid on including DJs, BBQs, special dinner and parties to keep the public entertained.

For more details Contact:
Maude Guillaume


What is Stand up paddle

As the name suggests, it’s standing up on a board and paddling. The boards are usually longer and wider than a regular surfboard; a normal stand up paddle board for a beginner is about 11 to 13 feet in length and 30 to 34 inches wide and is very buoyant. There are many shapes and sizes of boards and it all comes down to what type of water you intend to use it on, whether for the surf or flat water such as lakes etc.

Next important item is the paddle which ideally should be about 6 inches taller than the rider

In Mauritius there are now many places to rent the equipment or take courses before you make up your

Stand up paddle girls

Stand up paddle girls

mind if you want to buy your own board.

It is highly recommended to take advice from an expert before deciding to buy your first board.

Most important of all, “Have a great time”