Blue Bay Mauritius

Blue Bay – Mauritius 2015

Whether you are staying at Jonash Apartment, nearby or anywhere else on the island, Blue Bay Mauritius is an experience you’ll want to repeat.

Being designated a Marine Sanctuary combining beautiful ocean views. A family safe bathing area and sandy beach with the opportunity for some amazing snorkeling, it’s little wonder that the area is a favourite of the Mauritians. Indeed, this is a place best visited during the weekend or Bank Holiday (of which in Mauritius there are plenty) whereupon the locals descend en masse to make use of the extensive picnic area for family barbecues and music. The experience is profoundly enriched with the sounds of sega drums and singing  interspersed with the calls tropical birds seemingly joining in the festivities. Under normal circumstances I find motorbikes possibly one of mankind’s most irritating of inventions. However, the occasional arrival of a cavalcade of youths with smiling faces on motorbikes adds a real exhilaration to the proceedings, an almost Grease like ambiance. Calling back to a time when life was simpler.

The area is beautifully rustic, authentic Mauritius. Little has been done to cater for tourism, which is a blessing. You’ll find no hawkers and even the few stands selling the boat tours don’t seem to be that bothered whether you take them or not. Currently you are free* to snorkel throughout the reserve and it is possibly the best site in Mauritius. However, you must ensure that you have with you a snorkeling flag/buoy as there is a fair amount of boat activity in the area. For the non-swimmers it’s worth paying for a licensed boat or taking a voyage on a glass bottom boat to experience the wonderment of Blue Bay Marine Park.

Facilities in the area comprise of a couple of shacks to buy drinks and snacks along with small shop cum restaurant which offers about 4 cooked local dishes. It’s worth questioning the price before ordering as you could end up paying double as a tourist! There are also public toilet and shower facilities.  Just off of the picnic area, opposite the hotel is an excellent restaurant specialising in seafood and Mauritian cuisine. You will also find some more European dishes for the philistines.

For advice about travel in and around Mahebourg/Blue Bay please ask us.

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